Top Jacksonville Commercial AV Sound System and TV Installation Company

East Coast Audio Video Experts specializes in helping Jacksonville businesses and homeowners get the best audio video equipment, design, installation, and support. Whether you’re looking to transform your conference room, install a quality sound system, or combine multiple TV installations with a huge screen and projector, we are the only company you need when it comes to residential or commercial audio and video systems in Jacksonville.

Your business can thrive with a top-notch commercial AV system. Imagine multiple televisions spread throughout, each showing a different game. Or maybe surround sound for the one big game playing that night on all of your screens. It might be for a classroom, or an auditorium. It could also be for a training space or conference room. Whatever your reason, East Coast Audio Video Experts can help you design, select, and install your commercial A/V system and provide on-demand support when needed.

Commercial Video Display and TV Installation in Jacksonville FL

Jacksonville FL Commercial AV company - A/V installation JacksonvilleThe video display is probably the single most important aspect of your A/V system to get right. If the screen is not top-notch, it can lower the quality of the experience more than anything else. You never want your customers to be angry that they can’t tell the results of that close play at the plate, or if the receiver was touching the line. If you want to grow and retain an audience you must choose top quality audio video equipment and installation all the way. One great option is to have a projector screen connected to computer monitors and other devices for display, or SmartBoard screens, TV’s & LED flat screens. Part of the consideration will be the size of the room and the purpose for your installation. In large spaces you may want the projector to be hidden away in your ceiling. Conversely, in a small space a flat screen television may be the perfect display. We specialize in creating custom solutions to fit any space and any need.

Sound and Speakers

For smaller spaces, the sound from the television may work just fine. However, as rooms get bigger we can help sort through the many options available to you to ensure the end result will exceed your expectations. You can have in-ceiling speakers that provide a clean and uncluttered look. We could also choose pendant speakers which are commonly installed in auditoriums. Pendant speakers are ideal when ceiling speakers are not possible. They also provide a nice design touch as well, when selected and installed by an experienced AV company. Surface mount speakers can be made to work in almost any room, and come in many designs and sizes. Surface mount speakers are also the most budget-friendly.

Quality Control and A/V Support in Jacksonville

When choosing a commercial A/V company in Jacksonville, you want a company who provides high-end equipment, modern design, and unsurpassed support. East Coast Audio Video Experts will set up your system with user-friendly controls, and will provide training so that everything is easily accessed by your staff and there are no unnecessary steps to get everything running. Volume, input, lighting, and even temperature control can all be controlled and modulated. Easy to use also means not having to deal with complicated or tangled, messy wiring. Our systems are always installed cleanly and practically, so that there are no unsightly and unsafe wires or connections in inconvenient places.

East Coast Audio Video Experts will provide you with the best commercial A/V equipment & installation in Jacksonville, and we will provide vintage customer service and support. With local service and customer support available in case you have any questions down the road, East Coast Audio Video Experts are your one-stop shop for all commercial A/V needs.