Marine Stereo Installation – Boat Speakers and Audio Video

Jacksonville Marine Audio Video Experts

Looking for someone to upgrade or install boat speakers or a complete marine stereo system in Jacksonville? The audio video experts at ECAVE provide the highest quality equipment and professional installation to residents and commercial customers throughout North Florida. A great sounding marine stereo can definitely add alot of enjoyment to your boating experience. Here are three reasons to upgrade your marine speakers:

1. Good boat speakers make a big difference

When you’re out on the water and turn on the stereo, the last thing you and your family or friends want to hear is a bunch of static. New boats often come with decent speakers, they probably don’t sound fantastic. If you have a used boat or if you’ve had your boat for a long time, you may have some old re-purposed car speakers trying their hardest to play your music.

2. Durability

Boat speakers have to withstand rough water and the elements, even if they are protected from the sun and rain. Good marine stereo and speakers are built with high-quality materials that are tough and able to withstand moisture and shock from impact. In fact, marine-rated speakers are subjected to rigorous testing in conditions much worse than they are likely to ever see on your boat.

3. Affordable Amazing Sound

Marine audio video equipment is built to provide you with crystal clear sound, strong enough to overpower all that interference from engine noise, wind, water, and more. The best news is a great boat stereo system upgrade is likely to be far more affordable than you think.

To learn more about upgrading your boat’s stereo and/or boat speakers in Jacksonville, give the experts at ECAVE a call at 904-982-8611, send a message through our Contact Form, or send an email to

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